Health, Safety, Environment & Quality is among our principal values.

By using our own (or the customers) procedures / tools we shall be a long term operator that creates good results..

Areas of focus:

Training and awareness.

Satisfying the authorities regulations and laws, the customers specifications and related

standards. HSE must be taken care of in all project different phases.

Well presented and organised design.

Good and safe access / availability.

Immediate action during near misses.



Cooperation with working environment comittee by the customer.

A design that attends to the working environment.

Establish routines for following up absenteeism.

A design in accordance with the authorities and the clients demands a view to the

working environment and noise regulation requirements.

Safe design that avoids strain injuries.



Provide a safe working enviroment, so that injuries to staff or damage to equipment

does not arise as a result of bad design.



A design that protects the external environment in accordance with the customer and

authoritys requirements like for example the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT).

Ensure that appropriate environmentally friendly materials have been chosen for the projects.

Ensure an energy saving design.



Establish procedures and checklists

Execute verifications /audits to ensure procedures are followed.

Verify contractors qualifications.

Ensure that sub contractors quality control meets with requirements.